Two years later……


My life is so perfect. I have everything I could ever ask for. wonderful family, a boyfriend, and a job.

I wish life was satisfying. Easy to figure out, barely any questions asked.










Instead its what are you gonna do to get where you wanna go, who do you want to be in your life.

If you want them in your life, will they support you with whatever path you choose to go down.

who wants to read?



My first blog and I am so sure noone will read but i’ll give it a shot. 

Hey world, It is 11:37 and I am writing to you.

For whoever wants to read this thanks for taking the time out of your precious lives.


Means alot. Pick a subject….

I’ll argue, agree, learn something new, or even see things differently

Lets talk. I want to learn what you know and tell you a few things I might have a clue on.

To sum it up, I’m dying for someone different to tell me something I don’t know.